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Bridging the Gap

Between industry news and personal experience.

Teaching Kids About Money Thumbnail

Teaching Kids About Money

As many parents embrace summer and recover from a challenging stint of homeschooling their children, there is one aspect of education that will stay primarily our responsibility: teaching our children about money.

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Missed out on the PPP Loan? Other options are still available! Thumbnail

Missed out on the PPP Loan? Other options are still available!

With the Paycheck Protection Program funding gone, many small businesses are wondering if there are other alternatives to help support those that have been impacted by COVID-19. If your business was affected and not able to receive funding, not all hope is lost. Other options are available that can provide financial relief to businesses that have retained their employees.

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Financial Planning Strategies in Volatile Markets Thumbnail

Financial Planning Strategies in Volatile Markets

During times of market volatility, our team at Buckingham Advisors works diligently to identify opportunities to implement tax and financial planning strategies. While it can be very distressing to see account balances go down, it’s important to remember that stocks/equities are long-term investments, and pull backs and moments of fear are a part of economic cycles. In this article, I want to cover some basic financial planning principles to ease anxiety and discuss a few more advanced planning strategies to consider.

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